sports action shots

Sports action photography is a great way to capture the dynamic lifestyle of your family, friends, or even yourself. Sports shots convey emotion, effort, skill, and story in a way that no other photography can produce. With shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 of a second, we can truly freeze time. Think of a child excitedly kicking a soccer ball toward the goal, his face complete with joy and pride. Consider your teen tennis player, slamming an overhead at the net, sweat flying, the ball caught in the split second before it contacts the strings. Imagine a large wall canvas wrapped print showing your spouse blasting a golf ball from the bunker, their swing full and each tiny grain of sand exploding out of the trap and in perfect focus...or picture yourself, engaged in your post-retirement passion, pickleball, returning a hard volley, determination on your face, as your partner looks on.


Youth Sports - Events & Sport Portraits

We are available to shoot your youth sports event or just to get some individual pictures of your children for use in portrait photos. Costs are based on time and distance. Think recreational and teen soccer, baseball, football, gymnastics, and other youth sports.


High School & College - Events & Sport Portraits

Stop-action photography of your high school or college age athletes make excellent print products and keepsakes. We can shoot an entire event or just your favorite subject involved in his or her sport. Call for rates.

Active Adult Sports - Events & Sport Portraits

Active adults, many well over 65 years of age, participate in a myriad of competitive and leisure sports. Many adults have chosen photographs of themselves and their loved ones engaged in their favorite athletic pastimes as their choice for portrait pictures. Large framed images and canvasses remind them that they are healthy and vital and turning in some of the best sports performances of their lives. Pickleball, golf, and tennis are just a few of the sports that active adults participate in. Possibilities for active portraits abound--fishing, rowing, running, bocce, horseshoes--even basketball or soccer. What is your passion?



Popular for young people, as well as the over-50 sector, pickleball is America's fastest growing sport. We can photograph an entire tournament or just your match. Singles or doubles. You decide.



Golf is a game for life. If this activity is your life-long sport, then a wall portrait of you or your loved one intently engaged and in full-swing is a must.



Like pickleball, we can shoot an entire tournament or event, or just a single player in an individual match. Rates are based on time and distance.